new carpet

I spread a new carpet.
It's soft and fluffy and we all liked it.


What happened to the old one?
Actually it's over than three years old and worn out.
My furry friends, two ferrets and a dog, were really interested in the tears and dug them every time they passed by.


should do things quickly


"I've got to leave for school now!"
My elder daughter was having breakfast so fast.

Penne was having a nap on her skirt.
He had got up early and already finished his breakfast.
He looked to tell her,
"You have lillte time in the morning almost every day.
You should do things quickly, huh?"


Korea Town

I went to Korea Town in Tsuruhashi.
This is the first visit for me.

We were a party of about 20.
Therefore a guide led us and gave us some explanations:


A house in Korea is good for winter.
A Korean woman sits drawing up her knees to look beautiful in a traditional Korean skirt.
A Korean dish is very heavy, but it's ok, because it's impolite to lift it at the table.

I had lunch here.


Before we left my companions suggested me what to buy and I got some kimchee and japchae.


New Year's card

Have you checked the numbers on a Ney Year's card yet?
I won the lottery, even though in the last prize.

It's nice to read the New Year's cards again at this time.
Actually I don't have much time to read them carefully during New Year's.

It's funny, I found two same cards from the same person.
I'm sure he's really polite, he prefered a possibility of two cards to of none.

A New Year's card is a good communication especially between the two friends who have drifted apart for a long time.
Therefore I prefer it with a photo of my friends, and with their kids is better for me.



a good buy

I took my elder daughter to a shopping mall to buy her an overcoat.
She's really fond of shopping.
She wandered around taking a look in stores or tring on some clothes.

Actually I'm not interested to shopping.
The design, the calor, the price, the size, the material...
AND how do I look in it!?

So many points to check and so many choices!

I want to focus on something else.
Like chatting with someone, watching movies, or reading.

Well, the best buy in recent months is pajamas.
My pre-pajamas for winter were over ten years old and got ragged.
That's why I needed to get new ones.
When I took my daughters to a clothing mall, while they're searching around, I took a glance at the pajamas corner and chose one.
It's very easy, because there were a few the choices ;P

In contrast my daughters took looong time to choose some clothes.


her favorite

At my parents place, when my elder daughter and I visited them to stay there while a Buddhist monk chanted a Sutra for my grandmother, my parents treated us to lunch after the monk left.
They asked my daughter what dish she liked best.
(They would prepare what she told.)
She answered her favorite was rice omelette, especially the one her mother, I, made.
How lovely!
I had known her favorite dish, but...
It's great to hear that in front of my parents ;D

Actually I started cooking when I got married.
I'm afraid I can't say I'm a good cook now, though.

Thanks, Daughter.


Happy Feet

I happened to see "Happy Feet" the movie.
I had thought it's a light movie for kids, but in fact it's a warning for environmental issues!

Mumble was born in the world of the Emperor Penguins where every single penguin was naturally gifted with singing, but HE!
He was the worst singer in the world, but a amazing tap-dancer.

However no one there accepted him and they all blamed for the decrease of the fish, their food, on him.
He tried to prove it's human not him and stop the human to get fish, but on the contrary he was caught.

A few months later he was a very popular penguin dancer in the zoo.
AND the human decided to protect the penguins and the Antarctic nature where the amazing dancer was from and stop fishing there.

And they lived happily ever after.



family bonds

My husband sometimes gives me a phonecall to ask me to have a drink out on his way home.

Last Friday he did that and I willingly accepted it.
But that time my daughters unusually wanted to join us.
I was concerned for my dog Daisy, I understand she doesn't want to stay at home alone.
So I was happy when they agreed with me to get some food and drinks st a supermarket and have them at home all together as I offered.

It's really nice to have an unexpected party.
Thanks to it, my younger daughter who had not been well a little for a few days cheered up right away.
Our family bonds are STRONG ;-D



Every seven days during the forty-nine days after my grandmother's death, a Buddhist monk comes and chants a Sutra.
It lasts about 40 minutes and to tell the truth I prefer not attending it since I'm poor at seiza.

I was going to go to my parents place today on the first visit of the monk, but to my surprise, my elder daughter offered to go with me.
Though I bet she attempted to get some money from her grandparents, I was impressed.

In fact, it's fun for us to travel alone, chatting, joking and laughing.

On the way we dropped in at a cake shop and got some cookies to offer to my grandmother's altar.
Actully it's my favorite shop, Doel.


the Lost series

Finally I've completed the Lost series.
It's, it's, what should I say, it's a kind of fairy tale.

The island was there before 2000 years ago and it had been requiring its guardian all the time.
Jacob, who had been the guardian for 2000 years, noticed the time would come soon, he'd be kiiled.
He's sure his twin brother, he had no name, had been longing to leave the island for a long time and at last he's carrying out the attempt.

(Why did he wait for such a long long time, 2000 years!?)

That's why Jacob needed to find the next guardian.
He chose some guys and made them come to the island.
That's the plane crash on which all of them boarded.
Now they turned out to be the candidates for the next guardian.

The nameless man wanted Jacob and all the candidates to die, he couldn't kill them himself.
Then he could be released from the island.
On the other hand, Jacob wanted one of the candidates to succeed him, but wouldn't choose one.
He just waited a volunteer.

This island may be so attractive.
Many people had settled or visited there, like the Dhama, native or the Widmores.
That makes this story complicated.

Anyway, I'm happy to finish the story even though I was dissatisfied with lots of the misteries or the contradictions left behind.

I'd like to end with my favorite character.
He is Vincent, who is the only one that is confirmed to be alive on the island when the story ends.
He was lying beside Jack and it reminded me of the opening scene.




I'm on the PTA board.
Actually I'm a vice-chairperson.

Once a month the chairpersons of the schools in this area get together to have a meeting.
Every time after it, they go drinking all together.

Last night I joined their party with my friend.
To tell the truth it's the second time for us, the first one was in October.

It's nice for the chair-persons or the vice-chairpersons to trade information about the schools, the children or the parents.
And I found some of them had decided to stay on the PTA board next year.
What a contribution!
They're really caring about the children.

It's good for me to know those guys.


damaged cellphone

I damaged my cellphone.
It's just 18 months old...


I noticed my shoelace was loose when I was walking in a hurry.
Just after re-tying and standing up straight, I started walking.
At that time my cellphone fell from my pocket.
I couldn't avoid stepping on it.

I told that to my family.
Before I knew it, an old-new cellphone'd been ready for me.

Means my husband got an old cellphone he had used before and my elder daughter transfered my data in the damaged cellphone into the new (old) one.

When should I get a brand new one?
Maybe when my younger daughter gets one, after her entrance exam.
She is planning that she and I would get the matching cellphones.
Wondering if her taste is same as mine?


got sick

I got a phonecall from the school.
My younger daughter got sick and wanted to get home.
In a hurry I left to pick her up.

Actually she's not been well recently and just was absent from school yesterday.
Both she and I am not sure why.

Just a cold?
Too busy and tired?
Stressed from study?
Yes, she'll have an entrance exam next month.

Hope she'll get well soon.


exchange cellphones

Something is wrong with my elder daughter's cellphone.
It often goes dead.

Looking back she claimed it a few months ago.
And now it's hard for her to stand the inconvenience.

So we went to the cellphone shop to have it repaired or exchange it with a new one.

A cellphone shop is always crowded with people, you know.
To avoid lining up we tried to get there on very time it's opened.
As we planned, at the exactly moment we arrived they began to open the shop door.

Of course we're the first.
And fortunately they offered to give her a new one and she accepted it.

That's why she's happy and looking forward a glitter new one.


98th birthday

Today is the 98th birthday of my grandmother.
Though she's passed away a week ago.

She's really nice to me while I lived with her, since I was born till I got married and left.
I remember she shedded tears on the morning of the wedding ceremony when she saw me off.
She said just good-bye.

When I was a child, I often asked her how old she was.
Her answer was "Hyaku", a hundred, every time.
A few dacades later I happened to ask my younger daughter if she knew how old her great-grandmom was.
She replied proudly, "Sure, I know. She is "Hyaku-sai." :D
It's really funny.
My grandmother is always Hyaku-sai.

I'm sorry she couldn't get Hyaku-sai.

Thank you, Grandma.

These are her beautiful drawing and writing.